Caroline Lister

Surface pattern designer
I am a brand marketeer turned surface pattern designer. After a career break to have my gorgeous twins, I longed for a change of direction and decided to experiment with textile art- something I had originally loved at school. Having completed several courses to bring my skillset right up to date, I have launched my own design studio to offer my bright, bold, energising patterns with a hint of retro, to those looking for something a bit special.
Pattern style
I have always loved bold simple patterns. I think there is beauty in uncomplicated, crisp patterns in beautiful colours. Whenever I have shopped for patterns myself, whether that be wallpaper, cushions or even clothes I have often struggled to find things that suited my style. I am passionate about creating patterns, and I will re work motifs over and over again to try and find exactly the right balance. I have loved making these patterns, I hope you find something you love too. Patterns can bring real joy in to our lives and it is a great privilege when something you have designed pleases someone else.
I design for any type of product, although to date my designs have been very suited to homeware.  

If you think we might be a good match for you we would be delighted to understand more about how we could work together. Bertie the Labradoodle is both muse and model for the brand logo of the studio. He is happy to be paid in cocktail sausages. However, if you would like us to work on your brief please contact us for a daily rate or a project fee can sometimes be agreed.
Why not contact us and we can chat about your needs over a cuppa.